Rationale - a different educational offer.

There is an unquestionable demand for a new secondary school which can offer a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the local community and which can secure successful outcomes for all young people.


Our curriculum will be complementary to other local provision, providing a broad and balanced offer as a local school, but also providing some key specialisms that will both connect with the expertise of The Crescent’s approaches and reflect the nature of our partnerships with The BRIT School, Crystal Palace FC Foundation and GLF Schools. We recognise that the BRIT School already offers an internationally renowned arts offer which we would not seek to reproduce, but our school will offer a complementary approach that would be of mutual benefit to both institutions.


We will seek to specialise in computer science and IT courses and have a strong sports and fitness offer that will link with the CPFC Foundation and other local partners and use their facilities to best effect and link to the science and technology of fitness.


Finally GLF Schools will bring expertise for the new school to offer a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum which will offer students access to 21st Century careers.