News Update – Summer 2017

Unfortunately our Free school bid which was submitted under Wave 12, was not approved.  The proposed school to be opened with our partners The BRIT School, Crystal Palace FC Foundation and GLF Schools  was judged by the Department for Education to be an exciting and innovative opportunity with sufficiently strong educational support. However it was rejected on the grounds of “basic need”.
Exploring this further it would appear that Croydon Council’s place planning area “Norwood & Croydon” is for historical reasons very large, stretching from Archbishop Lanfranc to Shirley High School and therefore the DFE did not see a need for more school places in the total planning area.  Since then we have had further discussions with the Local Authority, lobbying for a special case for Selhurst/North Central Croydon as it presents a “dead area” where the chances of a reasonable choice of Secondary schools for parents does not exist. 
We expect to have a further update on this later in the Autumn and still retain some hope as the Boulogne Road site previously identified is still currently available.
Please continue to register interest as the local demand for a secondary school for your children adds more weight to the project”